Think About What You Are Thinking About


Are you living the life you want to live, or are you falling far short?  If you are not succeeding as well as you would like to in life, the root cause is always your thoughts.  Think about what you are thinking about.  It will show you why you are where you are in life.  Your thoughts can make you succeed, or they can jeopardize your future completely.  Your thoughts create your future.


The Wonder of Your Brain

Your brain is a huge filing system wired by your mind.  You think at the rate of something like 400 billion actions per second.   When you compare your brain to the best computer available today, the computer will come a very distant second.

Your five senses react to your environment all the time.  These reactions create miniscule chemical changes which carry electrical impulses to your brain.  These stimulate your mind to search all the available files for answers and understanding. Your brain assesses every situation in its entirety to come up with all the possible variations and their consequences.  It then comes up with solutions for you – all in less than a nanosecond.


What You Think About

Your subconscious mind will mostly control what you are thinking about.  All your subconscious thoughts come from the past.  Everything that has ever happened to you and all your previous thoughts are all on file.  Unconscious thoughts are taken from the files of your mind.  Your subconscious mind refers to all the old files, comparing them with each changing situation in your day.   Thoughts flit in and out of your mind all day.  It is only when you are consciously thinking that you can create new thoughts and files in your mind.


Your Subconscious Mind Operates in the Past

Your subconscious mind can only operate with the information “on file”.  It works retrospectively.  It cannot calculate or project ideas for the future.  If you allow your subconscious mind to dominate you, you will never be prepared to change or even try new things.  It will definitely affect your future in a negative way as the world and life is always changing, developing and progressing.  You will be “left behind”.


You Need to Think Your Future

You will not be able to create a future that is better than your past without changing your thinking.  Your mind does not enter un-chartered territory in the subconscious.  Only your conscious mind can do that.  You have to get out of the rut of your mind and consciously plan your future.   Know the future you want and keep your mind focused on that.  Your results will automatically follow your thinking.


Think About What You Are Thinking About

It is therefore vitally important for you, if you want to create a better future for yourself, to start thinking seriously about what you are thinking about.  If you want to know the condition of your thought life, look at your present life situation.  Your present position in life is an exact reflection of your thoughts.  Thinking about what you think about brings your subconscious mind under scrutiny.



Be carefully aware of your thoughts.  Learn to always think about what you are thinking about.  Focus your mind to consciously create your future.

I am being coached by a millionaire, you can be too.

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