Your Mind Utilizes the Placebo Effect


You have probably heard of the placebo effect.  The word “placebo” comes from Latin, meaning “to please”.  Once you have a belief established in your subconscious mind, your whole body and mind (conscious, and subconscious), becomes geared to work together to fulfill that belief as fully as possible.  Your mind utilizes the placebo effect in the form of a subconscious response to an inner belief.  Your subconscious mind is always looking to please you by producing the outcomes you have imprinted there.  Together with your brain, your entire body becomes involved.  Your emotions are stirred up and supporting chemicals are poured into your bloodstream.  There is complete trust and confidence in the outcome.

The Mind-Body Connection

Your thoughts stimulate the production of endorphins and other substances which affect your body and your feelings in positive ways.  You not only feel good, you are energized and kept alert to recognize appropriate opportunities when you are following beliefs embedded in your subconscious.  Whatever you experience as true in your mind, will be reflected in your life also.

Ways That Establish Beliefs in Your Subconscious

Your mind is influenced mostly by people whom you respect and look up to, those who are more competent or further up the ladder than you are, your friends, family and people you associate with a lot.  Your mind is open and receptive to any programming through repeated words and behavior.  This applies to good as well as bad outcomes.  Your mind is fertile ground.  Whatever is planted there will grow.  Your mind is designed to please you, it is always seeking ways to establish and encourage the growth of everything that you plant there.  Your mind cannot choose WHAT you plant, it can only use what is already there.  You get to choose what you allow into your mind.  If you do not consciously choose, you will, by default, permit your mind to be open to anything.

You can “Convince” Your Own Mind

The wonderful thing is that you can also convince your own mind through autosuggestion, to believe anything you want.  If you do not yet have someone who can mentor you, you can actually decide what you want to believe, and through the process of autosuggestion, you can convince your own subconscious mind to believe whatever you want.  Reading works of successful people will open your mind to receive new ideas, but reading alone, will not produce the results.  You have to mentally choose what you want to accept, think about it, roll it around in your mind, rehearse it frequently, and only then will it become part of your subconscious.

The Placebo Effect is a Real and Measurable Phenomenon

The placebo effect is observable and felt.  It has been used in medicine to produce many positive results that can only be ascribed to the subconscious mind having full trust in the treatment, and working together with your body to produce what you believe.  Your mind alone utilizes the placebo effect to bring about the expected results.

The Placebo Effect is Not Positive Thinking

Positive thinking involves saying or affirming or forcing yourself to think something that you do not necessarily believe.  It can cause turmoil in your mind.  The placebo effect comes from within your subconscious which is already convinced of the outcome.  There is no argument going on in your head, and no doubting the outcome.

Your Mind is in Your Hands

You have terrific power at your disposal.  You can train your mind to achieve anything.  The most important starting point is to establish self-belief.  One of the biggest causes of any failure is having a poor self image.  You need to trust yourself, have confidence in your judgment and know that you can achieve anything you really desire.  You were born with unlimited potential, you have a purpose and you have the gifting to realize that purpose.  Everybody is unique and everybody has a specific role to fulfill in life.  Nobody can fill your role quite as well as you can.


Your mind was made to support and please you.  Your will and emotions are lined up to implement whatever beliefs you have established in your subconscious mind.  The placebo effect begins in your mind, permeates your body, and will filter through to affect your physical well-being and circumstances.  When you have positive beliefs in your subconscious mind, everything will work together for your good because your mind utilizes the placebo effect.

I am being mentored by a millionaire, you can be too.

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