You Are Always Producing Results: Part 2


Controlling Your Thoughts

Your mind is the door to your soul and controls everything you experience.  Your life is a progressive journey, whatever happens today produces the results that sum up your life experience tomorrow.  Whatever you allow to enter your mind, will have some affect on your life.  It is possible to learn to control your thoughts to help make sure that the results that are being produced, are the ones you want.  You have authority over your mind, but you have to take authority or your subconscious mind will rule you.


 You CAN Control Your Thoughts

The biggest mistake most people make is assuming that you have no control over your thoughts.  Very few people learn that controlling your thoughts is THE key ingredient to building the future you desire.    Your mind is the most interesting part of you.  It contains the “real you”, the components, beliefs, ideals, personality, way of looking at things etc that makes you unique.  It is well worth delving into your mind to “discover” yourself.  Ideas and changes always begin with a focused thought.  To take control of your thinking, you need to start by monitoring, focusing then purposefully directing your thoughts.


Below are a few pointers that will help you begin controlling your mind.


Capture Your Thoughts

“Catch” yourself in the act of thinking, teach yourself to learn the habit of checking your thoughts.  Ask yourself some pertinent questions about what you are thinking.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Where did this thought come from?
  • Where is this thought leading me?
  • What is this thought suggesting I do?
  • Is it something useful to me?
  • Do I agree with the belief this thought implies?

If you have never tried to “capture your thoughts”, or tried to control them in any way, then they probably run rampant.  Uncontrolled thoughts flit from one thing to the next, picking up fragments of information from all over the place.  Your mind will be undisciplined and probably full of trash.  If your mind is undisciplined, your actions and life are likely to be just as haphazard.


Become Aware of Your Thoughts

Once you have taken inventory of your thoughts you can begin to purposefully manage your thoughts.  If you do not consciously think about what you are thinking and doing, you will find your subconscious mind will automatically take over and control you.  Your subconscious mind is not designed to be in charge of you.  Left to itself, it will produce random thoughts, interpretations, emotions and results.  Your natural mind is programmed to gravitate toward negative things, outcomes, emotions etc.  You do not need that sort of input if you want to be successful.  Your subconscious mind is not designed to focus, you have to focus thoughts consciously.  Your subconscious is controlled by stimuli from your five senses and your past experiences which are stored in your brain.  It cannot think out anything new and it cannot plan.  It reacts, usually in a way to avoid pain, stress, change or growth.  Once you are aware of what you are thinking, ask yourself why you are thinking and acting that way.  Your brain will come up with the answers.  You will be shown what is causing your present results.


Consciously Decide What Results You are Looking For

If you are tired of getting nowhere in life, sit down and decide what you really want to achieve.  Don’t think of vague dreams like, “I would like to be rich”.  Be very specific about what would really satisfy you and give you a sense of achievement.  Allow yourself to get excited about the possibility that you could achieve your goals.   “Live” the experience of how it would feel to achieve what you dream about.  Make a point of thinking every day about it, let excitement and enthusiasm build up in your mind.  Fill in as much detail as possible in your imagination. The more detail you can supply, the more your emotions will be involved and your brain will be given more to work with.  Your brain is geared to find ways to achieve your dreams, especially when they are filled with detail and passion.


Consciously Choose Your Thoughts

Now begin to choose what you would need to think to bring your dream to pass.  Focus on those things, allow your mind to roll it over and look at it from every angle till it is all-consuming.  You will soon find you will be thinking about it all the time in some way.


Consciously Become Aware of Ideas

As your dream grows in your mind, you will become conscious of ideas your subconscious is presenting you with.  Never ignore ideas.  Your brain always looks for ways to please your mind.  This is where new inventions, changes and progress begin.  Write down any ideas that come to mind.  Analyze them and, if at all possible, put the idea into action as soon as possible.  You will be surprised how quickly things begin to fall into place for you.



The results you want, come the fastest by controlling your thoughts.  There are times when your body just does not seem to play along, you may be tired, feel stressed, scared, depressed or lazy.  In Part 3 of the series “You are Always Producing Results”, the important “body/mind” connection is discussed.  Whatever you are thinking, especially thoughts that affect your emotions, will be clearly reflected in your body. Using this knowledge, you can produce even greater focus to what you are thinking.

I am being coached by a millionaire, you can be too.


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