Channel the Power of Fear For Your Advantage


Fear is one of the most powerful emotions you can experience.  Fear often causes you to act in irrational and self-limiting ways.  Everybody experiences fear, but most people are unable to control or use their fear to achieve their desires.  You can learn the ability to channel the power of fear for your advantage.  You can look at your fear as either a roadblock or a compass. Fear can crush your potential or create new ways forward.  The choice is always yours.


Causes of Fear

Life is a journey, circumstances are continually changing.  The most common cause of fear is the dislike of change, being made uncomfortable or being challenged. Fear is always “self-imposed”.  It comes from how you experience and look at circumstances.  YOU have everything to do with what you fear.  Fear is most commonly experienced when you are faced with unknown circumstances and are forced to do new and different things, you have to make new decisions and figure out ways of dealing with a situation.  You experience fear when you cannot feel certain of the outcome.  Your biggest battles in life are often between taking experimental, innovative challenges and sticking to the known, tried and tested things that work for you.  These are “forks in the road of life” where you have to make a choice.  There is always an element of risk when stepping into unknown territory.


Dealing with Fear

There are several ways you instinctively deal with fear.  You can

  • escape it
  • run from it
  • deny it
  • ignore it
  • fight back
  • give up.

These instinctive reactions are subconscious and relate to life preservation or escaping from pain.  Your subconscious mind instantly reminds you of similar past circumstances and outcomes and tries to prevent you experiencing the same results.  Your subconscious always deals with the past.  It only has past memories to work with.  It is never innovative or rational.


Instead, it is possible to deal with fears in a different more empowering way.  You still need to

  • recognize it,
  • acknowledge it,
  • dig into its causes and
  • analyze what the fear is telling you about yourself and your circumstances.
  • Then, use fear to find new ways to face your problems, grow and overcome them.

When you deal with fear positively, you look past fear to create your future dreams, you are looking to ways of overcoming instead of escaping.  It takes courage, mental strength, self-control, passion and determination, but it is 100% worth it.  There are few experiences like the “high” from having overcome a fear.


Fear is Strengthened by not Dealing with it

When you deny or escape your fear, you might suppress it for a while, but it will fester inside you and actually develop and grow into something larger.  When you try to remind or reassure the voice in your head that you have nothing to fear, that all will be well, you actually reinforce the fear.  If not dealt with, the fear will become a “giant” in your head.  It will be even more difficult to confront the next time you encounter the same fear.  Suppressing fear can never give you courage.  Denying the presence of fear prevents you thinking constructively.  Anything that prevents you thinking will also prevent you from reaching your goals in life.  Your brain will be denied the exercise of working things out.


Fear Creates Opportunity

The emotion of fear is packed full of energy and focus.  Your brain becomes completely focused.  Oxygen levels are raised in your blood, you are at peak alert, ready to deal with anything.  All these aspects of fear could be channeled to solving your problem instead of wasting the opportunity to find new or better ways of doing things.



Neutralizing Fear

The most important steps to neutralize fear are to acknowledge it, analyze it and face it.  Find out what went wrong, then make the necessary changes or adjustments. Look at all the aspects and brainstorm your way forward.  Be brave enough to put your new ideas into action and make empowering decisions to move forward past your fear.



People who have overcome fear are well aware of the fears they faced.  You can only overcome fear by confronting it and de-demonizing it.   It is seldom as bad as it feels, and there are always answers. Let your fear become a compass instead of a barrier. Fear can become a way of finding out what to do next, not an evil demon to be extinguished.  Fear is often the motivating force needed to stimulate growth in your life.  Always channel the power of fear for your advantage.

I am being mentored by a millionaire, you can be too.


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