How to Develop Inner Certainty


Thinking without inner certainty brings random results.   Inner certainty does not just “happen”, it is something that has to be established in your mind first.   You can only develop inner certainty with time, focus and effort.  Autosuggestion is one way of speeding up the process.

Prerequisites for Achieving Your Goals

In order to achieve any results you desire, you need:

  • very clearly defined and visualized goals
  • to be emotionally “connected” to the goals.  If a goal has no emotional meaning for you, it will never “grow” or develop, it would, in fact, be pointless.
  • to believe, or have inner certainty, that you can achieve your goals
  • to be determined to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to achieve what you desire
  • staying power.

What is Inner Certainty

The Bible defines inner certainty or faith, as “the substance of things eagerly expected, the evidence of things not yet seen”.  (Heb. 11:1).  This is a very good definition.  Inner certainty is when something becomes so real that you expect it to happen at any moment and can see and almost “touch” it.  Things eagerly expected are nurtured desires because you have thought about them and want them badly.   It becomes real to you even before it appears physically.  You have grown to know how it would feel, what it will mean to you and what you will do when it comes.

Certainty Develops From “Hearing” Continually

Your mind does not just accept things instantly.  It needs to hear the same suggestion many times before it accepts it as true.  This means that you need to have a very clear vision of what you want to believe for.  It is best to write down an exact, but concise statement of what you are looking for.  Go back to that statement and read it aloud several times a day, till you have memorized it.  Continue saying it frequently till it comes to pass.  Your mind always has to “stop and listen to what your mouth is saying”.  Whatever you are saying is always very important to your own mind.  You reinforce your statement by saying it aloud.   The downside is that if you are also saying other things that negate your statement, you will only scramble your brain with mixed messages and nothing will develop.

The Power of Auto-suggestion

This way of influencing your mind is called autosuggestion.  It is because you yourself influence your own mind through constantly suggesting the same thing to it.  If autosuggestion is done correctly, you will find your subconscious mind will build up a belief system around those words.  You will become convinced in your subconscious that the words are true and will happen.  When your subconscious believes something, it will work in many ways to confirm the belief in physical terms.  You will come up with ideas for implementing your belief.  You will stop doubting that your statement is true, you will be positive and passionate about what you want.  It will not be long before you are proved right!

The Importance of Combining Emotion with Your Statements

Emotions are what give motivation and meaning to life.  Without emotion, you can never become passionate or obsessive about anything.  Nothing will really matter if you “feel” nothing.  What you are wanting must be something you really feel for, the more emotions are attached to it, the faster your brain will respond.  This is true for both good and bad emotions.  The stronger you emotions are, the more focused you will be and the more opportunities you will become aware of.  Emotions attached to your vision will put you in a strong position to receive what you want.


Your mind is truly an amazing “tool” for your benefit.  Whatever your mind conceives and believes, you will find ways to receive.  Use your mind and feed it often with the thoughts and dreams of what you really desire in life.  If you do this you will also be building and developing inner certainty in your subconscious mind.

I am being mentored by a millionaire, you can be too.

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